No of days prior to departure % of cancellation charges per person.
More than 30 days 5% or INR 1000 whichever is more
15 to 30 days 50%
7 to 14 days 75%
1 to 6 days 100%
  • Cancellation charges do not include air ticket cancellation.
  • Cancellations will be considered only if the request is made as per the conditions of the particular given above cancellation policy’s time slot. In case of cancellation of reservations and/or tour/travel services due to any avoidable/ unavoidable reason(s) we must be informed in writing. Cancellation charges would be effective from the date we receive the intimation in writing.
  • During “Peak-Season,” any particular hotel/ other service provider may introduce a different cancellation policy. The guest is bound to follow the specific cancellation policy which will be applicable during their travel; and in case of variation from the above stated policy, the excess in cancellation charges will be borne by the guest and not by Dream My Trip.
  • Modifications/Cancellations sent directly to the hotels/ service providers will not be honoured by Dream My Trip

Refund Policy

  • If the tour or any part of the service cannot be conducted due to unforeseeable circumstances, Dream My Trip will not be responsible to process any refund. However the company can consider the refund request based on various factors and the final decision will be on its management.
  • Guest cannot claim a refund if he/she does not or not able to utilise services like hotels, excursions, rides, meals, entrance charges, due to any reasons whatsoever
  • Refund for hotel cancellation will totally depend on the hotel cancellation policy.
  • Airticket cancellation will be as per the airline cancellation policy.
  • All the refunds will be strictly done by cheque / NEFT transfer in the guest’s bank account only, and no cash refund will be given at any point of time.
  • Refund shall be processed within a maximum time of 30 days. Incase any refunds are delayed by the hotels or service provider thereafter will be applied same to the guest